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How to change flight or name of the booking

How to change flight or name of the booking

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For whatever reason if you need to change flight or name of the Tiger Airways booking, read this post.  Tiger Airways in its website has provided some guide on this.

When you request for change flight or name of the booking, it very much depend on the availability at the time the change is made and payment.  You need to pay the prevailing fare difference and applicable fees and charges as outlined on the Website.

Tiger Airways Policy

  • All bookings on Tigerair are on a confirmed basis and strictly non-refundable. We keep our fares low by implementing stringent cost control measures in our operations. We are not able to offer refunds or compensation for any monetary or other losses, or inconvenience caused arising from any missed flights including these and other reasons.However, you can make changes by paying the applicable fees and fare difference. Please clickhere for our fee schedule .
  • Changes, subject to availability, can be made up to 4 (four) hours before the scheduled departure time.
  • To protect your interests in the event of unforseen circumstances, we recommend that you consider purchasing the appropriate travel insurance that suits your needs.

How to change flight or name of the booking

Changes can only be made at least 4 (four) hours before the scheduled flight departure, and are subject to charges.For changes to the date/timing of your flight, there are 4 ways:

  1. Online. Go to the homepage, and click on “Manage my booking“.
  2. Contact our call centre.
  3. Go to ticket counters in selected airports.
  4. Via participating local travel agents.

For all other changes, eg. luggage, destination, name, etc, please contact our call centre.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (as shown in Tiger Airways website)

Can I cancel my booking, get a refund or make changes for free if I cannot fly due to a medical condition, an emergency at work/home, national service commitments, court case, visa problems, problems encountered at immigration & customs checkpoints, and other unforeseen circumstances?
Requests for refund due to deathIn the unfortunate event of the death of a passenger before the scheduled flight departure time, we will make a refund after receiving a copy of the death certificate.

Can I change my flight date without confirming the new date?
No. We do not offer open tickets. You will need to select a new date / flight at least 4 (four) hours before your original flight, subject to the applicable charges.

What are the charges for changing the destination in my booking?
Destination changes are subject to different charges depending on the destination, plus any additional cost if the prevailing prices are higher. If the prevailing prices are lower, no refund will be made.

Can I get a refund if I change my booking to a cheaper flight that costs less?
No refund will be made if the prevailing prices are lower. In addition, the fees for making changes will apply.

Can I make changes just before my flight?
Any change must be made at least 4 (four) hours before the scheduled departure time of your flight (subject to applicable charges). After that, no changes are allowed.

Why can’t I make changes less than 4 (four) hours to departure?
As time is required for pre-departure procedures, this 4-hour rule helps to ensure that our flights can depart on schedule.

Do I get a refund in cases where there are unforeseen disasters?
In the event of a disruption arising out of a natural disaster, passengers will be put on the next available flight in accordance with our disruption policy. All bookings on Tigerair are strictly non-refundable.

Recently there was unrest in the city I’m flying into and I don’t wish to travel there, can I get a refund?
In such situations, we will make a decision after considering several factors such as whether airports remain operational, travel advisories by relevant authorities, etc. To get the latest updates, please refer to our Disruption notice webpage under the Flying with us section.We also recommend that you consider buying the appropriate travel insurance to suit your needs.

Can I change the passenger name for just one or some of the flights in my booking?
No. We do not allow name changes for partially utilized/forfeited bookings, eg. If you have a round-trip booking, you cannot make a name change for only your return flight.

What are the charges for changing the passenger’s name?
A name change fee is payable per passenger per flight sector, plus any additional cost if the prevailing prices are higher. If the prevailing prices are lower, no refund will be made.

Why do I need to pay the airfare difference, in the event I request for a name change?
I am already charged the name change fee.This measure is needed to protect our passengers’ access to our low, low fares. It prevents resellers from hoarding promotional seats and reselling them at higher prices later.

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